About SunCentral

Committed to excellence in the solar industry.

SunCentral can provide subscription management services in addition to our software.

Our Vision

We wanted to create a platform that could be used by anyone who manages community solar portfolios and subscribers.


SunCentral provides project owners, operators, and utilities a unique platform to manage community solar subscriptions, while also allowing subscribers to access information easily. Some of the features include seamless bill payments, energy production monitoring, access to contracts, photos of solar projects, downloadable financial reports, ability to view capacity and availability in multiple projects, data sharing directly with utilities, and more.

SunCentral can be used as either a stand-alone cloud application or an application combined with fully-staffed customer management services.

We Value

SunCentral delivers solutions that accelerate the shift to clean energy by offering transparency into community solar program implementation, providing a common language for CDG contract management & implementation, making community solar accessible to communities, corporations, and individuals, and by easing the administrative burden of CDG management and offer high-quality service to our clients, subscribers, and other CDG stakeholders

1. Sustainable growth

2. Market leadership

3. Operational excellence

4. Culture of innovation


SunCentral was born out of a critical need in the marketplace for a community solar subscriber management platform that was customer-focused, offered a variety of flexible solutions, and was affordable.

SunCentral is a subsidiary of, and is fully backed by, Pivot Energy, and operates on a triple bottom line basis, measuring success by the positive impact on people, planet, and profit.


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