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July 15, 2019

Pivot Energy BLOG

SunCentral Quickly Growing as Industry Preferred Community Solar Cloud Platform

Brit Gibson

In November 2018, Pivot Energy expanded our services with the launch of our community solar customer management cloud platform, SunCentral. SunCentral was designed to improve the customer experience for community solar subscribers, and optimize the customer management process for project owners, operators, and developers. Noticing the gap in the market for a intuitive, customer-focused, and flexible subscriber management tool, our team decided to create the solution. Since SunCentral launched last

November, it has quickly become the industry-preferred customer management cloud platform. SunCentral currently serves more than 110 MWs of community solar capacity, representing more than 6,000 commercial and residential subscribers.

Read the full story from our Director of SunCentral Services, Brit Gibson, on the blog now.

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