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SunCentral Software Features

SunCentral’s subscriber acquisition platform allows subscribers to review and sign your community solar service agreements 100% online. We enable you with a white-labeled landing page for subscribers to enroll. Once they subscribe, they are seamlessly placed into a project. Only SunCentral enables multiple acquisition companies, portfolios owners, and financiers to satisfy multiple portfolios and geographies simultaneously.

SunCentral Software Features

Subscribers are the cornerstone of community solar and SunCentral was designed to put them at the center of management's focus. Our subscriber dashboard allows your subscribers to feel connected to their subscription. Here they can see financial and environmental savings, images of their solar project, and more.

Subscribers manage their account through a simple interface, including the ability to enroll in auto-pay with the click of one button. All savings and invoices are clearly displayed on an account ledger, which mirrors the ledger the portfolio manager sees through the asset management portal. The user-friendly layout aims to encourage subscribers to self-serve with access to reports, FAQs, and links to additional community solar resources.

SunCentral Software Features

Our asset management platform allows real-time insight into a project's production, subscription level, and accounts receivable status. The dashboard mirrors the subscribers dashboard to streamline customer service related to the project status, credits received, and billing-related inquiries. Project billing is automated through batched invoicing, with market-specific bill credit logic and data management.

New markets for community solar are opening every year, and existing markets change at about the same pace as competitive forces continue to expand the number and types of offerings in the market. Our management team stays active in the development of new community solar legislation and regulatory proceedings so we can ensure our platform and services are always compliant and relevant.

SunCentral Software Features

SunCentral allows you to track the progress of your subscription milestones from your portfolio dashboard.This dashboard enables you to optimize project capacity allocations using meter and tariff analysis for credit requirements. Our auto allocation tool seamlessly places subscribers into appropriate projects based on project availability and local compliance.

SunCentral also provides program insights on policy and programs to guide your subscription strategy.





Configurable options

The right plan for the best platform.

Community solar software should scale to provide you with the services that you need most. SunCentral provides unparalleled value by offering varying levels to suit your goals.

Plan Recommendations

Basic Plan

Management Platform

Our white-labeled platform allows you to manage, bill, and report on a variety of subscribers and multiple project portfolios.

Standard Plan

Platform + Subscriber Management

In addition to our platform, we can assist you with distribution of billing and customer service needs.


Platform + Management + Portal

Gain hands-on subscriber management and a platform to turn leads into subscribers.

Adjacent Markets

We Offer

Virtual net metering or PPA billing

Fully Custom

Our team can work with yours to address unique needs.

Who We Serve

SunCentral was built by developers, for developers.

As a project developer and a software platform owner, we leveraged lessons learned from Pivot Energy's development space and bridge the gap between customers and project owners.

  • Developers
  • Asset Owners
  • Financiers
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Utilities
  • Project Purchasers
Case Study
power52 clean energy

Power52 Clean Energy Access aims to break the cycle of poverty, unemployment, under employment, and incarceration in urban communities across the nation through economic empowerment and clean energy access.

Their team partnered with SunCentral to enable teams to effectively reach subscribers, manage credits, and report to asset owners-- all while keeping the trusted Power52 Clean Energy Access Brand front and center.

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