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Our team can help you acquire, engage, and manage your subscriber program.


Building upon the SunCentral team's experiences, we knew we wanted to prioritize local market expertise and quick access to eligible subscribers.

SunCentral aims to achieve a balance between in-market, always-on resources with lower overhead so we can pass along acquisition cost savings. SunCentral achieves this by partnering with acquisition partners with trusted relationships with local stakeholders and active sales teams on the ground.

We reduce this complexity by providing the overall scope management and tapping into local resources on an as-needed basis.

SunCentral wraps the service provided by local firms with one contract to the portfolio owner and provides the operational infrastructure through the cloud platform.



Community solar is not an inherently customer-friendly product to the average electricity buyer, but we have that covered. SunCentral has an experienced customer service team that is trained in all the nuances of community solar. That team relies on a variety of tools to proactively serve subscribers including videos and online resources and maintains predictable availability to field inbound inquiries.

For more savvy subscribers such as commercial entities with multiple subscriptions or large anchor subscribers who obtain larger portions of community solar credits, SunCentral offers a white-glove account management service. SunCentral's dedicated large subscriber account managers are available for in-person visits and regular check-in calls and can help support unique reporting requests.



SunCentral's approach to subscriber management is designed to address the major challenges experienced in managing community solar to-date, including poor subscriber service resulting in churn risk, lack of insights into credits and accounts receivable, and consumer compliance that varies across markets, among others.

Asset owners who trust SunCentral with their subscriber billing and crediting management receive unparalleled transparency into the mechanics of our operations via regular check-ins with an account manager, portal viewing access, and a robust report package at a cadence that fits your business operations.

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We provide the industry's most comprehensive services because we actively engage in industry organizations including the Coalition for Community Solar Access and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

SunCentral makes this expertise available to our partners through consulting on product design, new market entry strategy, program compliance, and consumer protection, among the many areas we are knowledgeable. Please use the contact form to connect with our team to discuss your particular needs.

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Comprehensive Support

Our team of professionals is ready to support you.

Community solar software should scale to provide you with the services that you need most. SunCentral provides unparalleled value by offering varied levels to suit your budget.


SunCentral Portal and Dashboards

Community solar software should scale to provide you with the services that you need most. SunCentral provides unparalleled value by offering varied levels to suit your budget.


Utility & Regulatory Consulting

We strive to sustainably grow the market for distributed energy. To that end, we share our market knowledge though a regulatory consulting service for SunCentral clients.

Customer Acquisition

Subscriber Marketing Services

SunCentral leverages a wealth of internal expertise and strategic partnerships across the United States to help you find the right subscribers to fill your community solar projects and keep them engaged.

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Who We Serve

SunCentral was built by developers, for developers.

As a project developer and a software platform owner, we leveraged lessons learned from Pivot Energy's development space and bridge the gap between customers and project owners.

  • Developers
  • Asset Owners
  • Financiers
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Utilities
  • Project Purchasers
Case Study

When Greenbacker Capital expanded its portfolio of operating community solar assets, it looked for a platform that would enable its team to scale quickly while maintaining its brand promise.

Greenbacker partnered with SunCentral not only for the ability to white-label a platform that delivered transparent, predictable cash flows, but because the two organizations found alignment in their missions.

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